Roja Settee
Antique 6'red velvet romantic seating
Del Mar Victorian Sofa
Navy Blue Velvet Sofa 8'
The Carmine Collection
Seasonal dramatic velvet red Victorian-style.
Violet Sofa
Violet velvet 8' carved wood lounge seating.
Prince Sofa
Deep Purple Rain velvet love seat, settee. Gorgeous sweetheart or lounge seating
Chesterfield Sofa
7 ft Burgundy tufted leather sofa.
Simone Sofa
Creamy white tufted velvet 8' sofa with loads of soul.
Pearl Sofa
8 ' Pearl white wood trim camelback sofa.
Madonna Sofa
Gold and peach tufted lounge piece with cherry wood detail. 8'
Gold Lounge
7'Goldie Sofa, Wingback Chairs, Lou and Lew.
The Gypsy Sofa
Adventurous Rich Fuchsia Velvet Victorian Sofa, 6'
Arielle Settee
Dusty Blue velvet Victorian settee with wood details.
Thelma & Louise
Bold and adventuresome lounge or Sweetheart seating.
Carmine Settee
Beautiful red tufted velvet. Cheers!
Barrymore Settee
Deep Berry velvet settee is 6' of cozy curves.
Opal Chairs
Cottage white with wood details. Sweetheart Beauties.
Paris Settee
48" Paris Boudoir Neutral with gold and white wood details.
Lily Settee
Sweet white velvet settee with gold trim.
The Rust Collection
Pumpkin Settee and 2 spice girls. Can be rented separately.
Verona Settee
Honey gold 5'velvet tufted settee.
Lola Settee
Elegant 4' antique white romantic seating for 2.
2 Dogs Settee
Reclaimed Brown Leather Loveseat with brass nail details. Man oh Man!
Sapphire Settee
Velvet tufted forest green lovely. The perfect choice now.
Sinatra Settee
Ol' Blue Eyes is 5' and swinging just for two.
Beauty and the Beast
Royal Blue Sweetheart Seating.
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